A way to steal an idea

In 2009 Julie and Julia was released, chronicling the journey of Julie, played by Amy Adams, and her blog as she cooked her way through the Julia Child et al cookbook  and the connections between the women, their lives and their cooking.
That was a film about a blog, this will be a blog about films and the connections we have with them. I could watch my way through the whole catalogue. there are genres that I am not fond of and there will be days when i don’t have the time to watch a movie all the way through, but i will give it a go and see where it leads me.

Where to start? Perhaps taking a lead from Julie my resource will be the massive library of mostly classic movie posters that we have and the corresponding movies in an available online vault. There are thousands to choose from.

Lets start with Julie and Julia. A Nora Ephron (1941 -2012) film, it was her last. A clever parallel telling of two womens stories connected by a love of cooking and writing about it. A pleasant, if hunger inducing,  watch full of colour and laughter as both womens journeys are chronicled.  With sweet moments like the gift of pearls to Julie so that she can be more like Julia and wear them as she cooks. There is the praise of butter, “you are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life’ , “you can never have too much butter” and cooking wisdom “don’t crowd the mushrooms”, “always dry the meat or it won’t brown”

Julia Child began to learn French cooking at the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Paris so that she would have something to do during her time living there with her diplomat husband. It was later that she began to test recipes and collate them into a book for servant-less American cooks.

Julie began her journey as more as a project with a deadline to prove she could finish something. She gave herself a year to cook her way through the 524 recipes in the book and to blog about it for accountability. It was not without its challenges, from learning skills like how to bone a duck or cook a live lobster, to actually eating an egg for the first time in her life.