Sights of sounds

It has the tag line “It started as a concert , it became a celebration”

The Last Waltz, filmed in 1976, with Martin Scorcese documenting a concert of  The Band and a myriad of music’s greatest names has taken on massive significance. Now a copy is  preserved in the Library of Congress as  culturally and historically significant.

In 1979 Britain created its own rockumentary with The Who being filmed both in concert and in back stage footage and with interviews with other leading lights of the time. The Kids Are Alright also became significant for its footage of the last concert performance by Keith Moon who tragically died soon after the release.

1977 saw the release of Abba The Movie, again documenting concert and backstage events, of their tour in Australia that year. If you couldn’t make it to a concert on this massive world wide tour this was a pretty good alternative.

All these titles are available on our website.

There are others on offer as well. An Elvis concert compilation (from multiple venues) “That’s the way it is” and “Elvis on Tour”

Kiss mix up their concert work with some super power villian chasing in the 1978 Kiss and the Attack of the Phamtoms. Originally made for television it gained theatrical release (there are two different titles) and several poster variants.