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Our Original Movie Posters

We have been lovingly collecting movie posters for 40 years across New Zealand and Australia. 

As a family of movie lovers, we are so proud of our collection of over 8000 posters, all of which are original and were only ever used to promote the movie when it was released. 

Every week we try to add more movies to our online collection, so if you don't see what you want today try again in a few weeks. 

We hope you will love these posters as much as we do. 

Fred and the team


Movie Poster Sizes

Our posters come in two main sizes. Daybill with is 37cm (wide) X 74cm (high) and One Sheet which are 68cm (wide)  X 102cm (high)

There are some custom sizes put out from time to time. Those sizes are listed on the listing.